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    Download lagu Dear Diary

    ZIVA - DEAR DIARY (Ratu) - SPEKTA SHOW TOP 5 - Indonesian Idol 2020

    1 Week ago

    "Dear Diary" - MikelWJ lyrics

    7 Years ago


    2 Years ago

    my mom died & i'm lost without her | dear diary

    4 Days ago

    RATU - Dear Diary

    6 Years ago

    I Got Pregnant At Age 13 (now I’m a grandma at 26) | This is my story

    1 Week ago

    I Dated 8 Sugar Daddies To Survive (now I’m a millionaire) | This is my story

    3 Days ago

    I’m Not Afraid Of Death (what is wrong with me?) | This is my story

    5 Days ago

    Dear Diary - Ratu (lirik)

    1 Month ago

    Merkules - "Dear Diary" (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

    1 Month ago

    I Had 10 Plastic Surgeries (it backfired)

    3 Months ago

    Ziva - Dear Diary (Ratu) - SPEKTA SHOW TOP 5 - Indonesian Idol 2020

    2 Weeks ago

    I Died A Year Ago (I'm a zombie now) | This is my story

    2 Weeks ago

    My Best Friend's Reaction Surprised Me When I Kissed Her

    5 Months ago

    I Googled My Teacher And Found His Dirty Secret

    4 Months ago

    I Tattooed My Private Parts (it only got worse)

    3 Months ago

    I'm Allergic To Touch But My Crush Touched Me

    2 Months ago

    I Read My Cheating Fiance’s Texts Instead Of My Vows On Wedding Day

    4 Months ago

    ZIVA - Dear Diary (Ratu) - Spekta Show Top 5 - Indonesian Idol 2020

    2 Weeks ago

    An Eating Disorder Took Over My Life

    7 Months ago

Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it a rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul....

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