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Carly/Freddie: Last Christmas

Gambar Iwan Fals - 22 Januari

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Date: 01 January 2010

Duration: 02:22

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Carly/Freddie: Last Christmas
"Last Christmas, I gave you my heart/But the very next day/You gave it away/This year, to save me from tears/I'll give it to someone special." Once upon a Christmas there was a boy named Freddie who broke the heart of a girl named Carly. Determined to get over Freddie, Carly got herself a new boyfriend named Griffin. Carly and Griffin ended up fighting and breaking up, and after Freddie apologized to Carly and promised not to hurt her again, they got back together. Happy Belated Christmas or Whatever Holiday You Celebrate! I'm a little late on the uptake here, but I bring you a Christmas Creddie vid. This took way longer than it should have, considering that I ended up cutting the song up. Let me tell you, I'm excited for iSaved Your Life. Then maybe I can make some real Creddie videos, because there will be more clips out there. Anyway, enjoy, comment, etc. POV: Carly's Pairing: Creddie, some Criffin Song: Last Christmas DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. iCarly is credited to Nickelodeon and Viacom, the song is by Taylor Swift and belongs to her and UMG.

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