Watsky- Little Slice ft. Danny "Skyhigh" McClain [x Infinity] Lagu MP3 Download

Watsky- Little Slice ft. Danny "Skyhigh" McClain [x Infinity]

Gambar Iwan Fals - 22 Januari

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Date: 04 April 2017

Duration: 03:24

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Watsky- Little Slice ft. Danny "Skyhigh" McClain [x Infinity]
Watsky on Warped Tour this summer: http://vanswarpedtour.com/Order 'x Infinity': http://radi.al/xInfinityhttp://facebook.com/gwatsky@gwatskyDaniel McClain: https://www.facebook.com/DanielSkyHighMcClainDirected by Mike Dempseyhttp://www.mikesbutt.com/Director of photography— Dannel Escallonhttp://dannelescallon.com/Featuring Mark Rosen and Lauren BonnerVFX by Tim HendrixColor grading by Aaron HaydenMusic written by George Watsky & Frans MernickProduced by Frans Mernick & Kush ModyTrumpet + Horn arrangement by Max Miller-LoranGuitar- Pat DimitriMixed by Andrew OedelMastered by Howie Weisenberg & Gentry StuderVerse 1and the clouds are red and pink like they’re wearing a tube of lipstickthe sun is dimming while dipping a toe into the PacificJust gimme a hot Jacuzzi, a spliff and we’ll watch a movieI’m spiffy man in a jiffy i’m lifted and living groovieChorus I’m a groupie to the good lifelooking for a taste of paradiseI don’t need the whole piejust wanna have my little sliceInterludeVerse 2I found the fountain of youth and went skinny dipping up in itI pick up the lucky pennies epiphanies every minuteI run the money to Coinstar and with the cash from the ticket I snatch my homies whatever they want at Denny’s and kick ittill the mothafucking sun riseso many folks I love right herebut it hasn’t a been a good nightuntil the shit gets kinda weirdChorus (x 2)Verse 3I got a stylish private island inside of my mindthe size of Hawaii and when I’m vibing you’re likely to find medeep in my psyche hiding out peeping a flying V of neon pelicans filling the psychedelic horizonlike, "Wow, what just happened?I’ll please have what he is havingAnd how can I come ride that wave?"don’t give a damn if I’m damp I dance in the rainI decided to celebrate like the sky is dumping champagne on mepaint every clap of thunder as heaven popping a bottlejump in and paddle the deepest puddles, strap on my gogglesI gotta seek what I lack, when I’m weak, gotta actI’m a freak—it’s a fact, but I can’t say that I mindgotta leave those thoughts behindAnd I hop in my car, and I bob in my seat when I’m dropping to the beat as I mob the beachand I stop and I park at the top of a cliff in the dark and I’m digging on the stars in the seashining like a fistful of diamonds that somebody went and threw into the skybut they ricochet off—and a couple of em fell into the water and they sink the bottomand I think that I saw some, but I blink and I lost em, and I drink in the awesome viewinfinite kilometers of water and the tiny ships moving across emif I’m getting money then I get it while I can but if I’m not I better live it up and dammit I demand to give it every single breath I got inside of and try to be the man

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